Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, my name is Cory Rosenberg. I'm a young British photographer based in Poitiers, France.

At a young age I caught the travel bug from my parents, and with that came my love and passion for photography. I love sharing my experiences with the world by trying to capture a moment that would, without the aid of a camera be lost forever. It fascinates me - the science of combining light, people, places and drama within an image for all to see and appreciate.

I studied plastic arts with the home university CNED but after a year decided that it wasn't getting me a good enough hands on experience so I opted to move to Rennes and study photography along with graphic design at the MJM Graphic Design school in Rennes, France. I spent two years there and passed my final exam with a 16 over 20 average learning all the techniques required for high grade studio work, field work and Photoshop editing.

I have been working as an independent photographer for over a year now and I'm loving it! Please feel free to take a look at my work and  don't hesitate to contact me for prices and services by clicking the contact tab at the top of this page.


Cory Rosenberg


One of the 30 photographers selected to represent the COP 21 Paris France Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015.